mean person! "Willem" unveiled how "Conte" shade "Costa" released.

Chelsea's distillate wing revealed the unsettling story of former manager Antonio Conte, adding that the time when Diego Costa was shaken from the team to the surprise.

"As I said before, Conte is a very hard-working consultant. And he has problems with other key players such as David Luiz and Diego Costa, "Willem said to ESPN.

"Especially the shade of Diego out of the team is incredible, I remember the story very well. It happened after the 2016-17 season, and I was traveling to play a far away team for Australia. "

"Diego sent me a message saying, 'Hey, I have to move out of the team. Because Conte says he does not want me in the team anymore. '"

"I asked back, 'Hey! What does that mean ?! 'Then he replied sadly. 'Conte did not want to see me in the ufabet  team anymore. So I thought I would not go back to England. '

"I dare say that this is a terrible situation for the club. Because we lacked a great striker Diego Costa was not his last season, it is not broken. "